angry ugly mutts logo
they're coming for you inu!
Elon and Floki being chased by angry ugly mutts

Yeah, that’s right, these¬† Mutts have had enough of all those cute little Inu memes.¬†

They’re angry and out for revenge!

angry ugly mutts token
Elon grinning while riding on rocket ship with an angry ugly mutt

Watch and Listen to the Angry Ugly Mutts Theme Song and Animation Intro:

Mutt Alley
Buddhimaangral The wise old Angry Ugly Mutt trusted by the whole gang. Slegtehond This gal appears innocent but she's bad to the bone!
Paagal This girl lives to show who's the boss..her! She only listens to Thunder..sometimes! Zhuigan This pup looks tame, but if you see him run!
Loco You just never know what he'll do next, but it won't be good! Shadow You won't see this one until you feel his bite!
Khan and Khanda Brother and sister duo who love chasing Inu's and other pretty, privileged dogs! Terminator The smallest Mutt but she never backs down.
Dog Catcher Doug He's made it his life's mission to capture the Angry Ugly Mutts! Mutt Lover Marie The Mutts can count on Marie to help them outsmart Dog Catcher Doug.
can of Mutt Alley Mutt Chow - rat guts and carrots flavor - .99 cents
mutt sleeping in alleyway doorway